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Trend Micro and SCCC Alibaba Cloud Reunite to unveil the Revolutionary Trend Vision One SOCaaS in Saudi Arabia

Both companies are elevating the cybersecurity standard with the introduction of Trend Vision One SOCaaS, Advanced MXDR in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Trend Micro Incorporated (TYO: 4704; TSE: 4704), a global leader in cybersecurity, capitalizing on its partnership with Saudi Cloud Computing Company (SCCC) Alibaba Cloud, launches the Trend Vision One SOCaas (Security Operation Centre as a service), Advanced MXDR in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This new phase marks a continuation of the companies’ commitment to delivering comprehensive, vendor-direct cybersecurity services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In 2022, Trend Micro and SCCC Alibaba Cloud united to tailor localised cybersecurity solutions to secure the digital strides of the enterprises in Saudi Arabia. Through this partnership, Trend Micro aimed to launch a local datalake for its solutions, enforcing cybersecurity in the kingdom. Moreover, the integration of a data lake equipped Trend Micro and its partners to offer advanced threat defense solutions from within the Kingdom’s borders. In 2023, the collaboration between both companies reached a new landmark with the unveiling of the Trend Vision One SOCaaS, Advanced MXDR service at Black Hat MEA, the region’s largest infosec event.

The Trend Vision One SOCaaS, Advanced MXDR brings together an AI-powered comprehensive suite of features that stand as the vanguard in cyber defense. It encompasses 24/7 monitoring of alerts with direct access to analysts, a meticulous health check system, and root cause analysis in conjunction with threat hunting based on MITRE techniques. It empowers businesses nationwide to maintain uninterrupted operations, shield against data breaches, and secure essential digital assets while they thrive.
“The future of business is undeniably digital, and with this evolution comes the imperative for unwavering cybersecurity,” said Talal Albakr, CEO, SCCC Alibaba Cloud. “In our collaboration with Trend Micro, we’re not just embracing cutting-edge technology, but a vision of a safer, seamless digital ecosystem. As we embark on this journey with Trend Micro, our collective mission is clear – to redefine the standards of digital protection and instil confidence in every byte of data that traverses the cloud.”

In its H1 2023 Midyear cybersecurity report, “Stepping Ahead of Risks,” Trend Micro revealed that its solutions globally neutralized over 85 billion cyber threats, with more than 54 million threats blocked in Saudi Arabia alone during the first half of the year. The report breaks these numbers down into categories including 22 million email threats, 5 million URL threats, 14 million malware threats, and upwards of 190,000 Smart Home Network (SHN) events, among others. The data from the report highlights the pressing need for a robust cybersecurity framework to ensure the sustained success of enterprises within Saudi Arabia in the face of evolving digital threats.

“In the vast expanse of today’s digital world, the security of data stands paramount,” said Dr. Moataz Bin Ali, Regional Vice President, and Managing Director, MMEA, Trend Micro. “Our collaboration with SCCC Alibaba Cloud symbolizes more than partnership; it represents a unified approach against the modern threat landscape. Trend Vision One SOCaas is not merely a solution—it embodies our unwavering commitment to the Saudi Vision 2030. A shared milestone and a promise to arm organizations with advanced multilayered AI-driven cybersecurity. Each stride we take in innovation emphasizes our core objective – ensuring the digital landscape remains both accessible and profoundly secure.”

The Trend Vision One SOCaaS further extends its capabilities with threat anticipation, risk insights, vulnerability prioritization, and a proactive approach to threat intelligence. Its ability is further augmented with reporting and dashboard utilities ensuring transparency and operational excellence.

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