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inDrive collaborates with Egyptian Food Bank to provide food to 250,000 individuals during Ramadan

inDrive, the global mobility and urban services platform, has launched a “circle of kindness” campaign in collaboration with the Egyptian Food Bank, a non-profit organization which fights hunger through innovative and diversified programs, under the supervision of the Ministry of Social Solidarity. The collaboration saw 35,000 food boxes donated for approximately 250,000 people in 12 governorates during the holy month of Ramadan.

inDrive provided the 35,000 food boxes using revenue earned from trips. The campaign counted all rides taken during the month, with each ride worth “circles of kindness”. This will continue until 140M circles of kindness are attained within the 30-day period. The proceeds are donated to assist the underprivileged families struggling amid the current economic conditions.

Each food box weighs eight kg and contains sugar, rice, pasta, beans, flour, lentils, dates, oil, tomato sauce, tea, cheese, and salt, meeting Iftar and Suhoor meal needs during Ramadan.

Mina Emad, Marketing Manager for inDrive for the Middle East, said, “inDrive aims to benefit communities in the markets where it operates. Egypt is an influential and important market for our company, and philanthropic initiatives are one of our main objectives in the Egyptian market and beyond. We want not only to fulfill the community’s needs by providing ride-hailing and delivery services, but also to assist the underprivileged families in spending the holy month of Ramadan in improved living conditions.”

He added,”inDrive invites its users to be part of the circle of kindness campaign during Ramadan. The more they use inDrive, the more they contribute to providing food supplies and achieving the goals of the initiative. inDrive continues its efforts to assist Egyptians, whether by providing ride-hailing services, or through community initiatives in collaboration with important charitable institutions such as the Egyptian Food Bank.”

inDrive’s vision is to have a meaningful impact on the lives of the people in the communities within which it operates, through initiatives that make a real difference, rather than pursuing marketing trends that might be fashionable for a certain period of time before fading without leaving any impact.

For his part, Mohsen Sarhan, CEO of the Egyptian Food Bank, said, “We would like to express our appreciation for collaborating with inDrive, marking it as a significant expansion of our network of successful partnerships. This collaboration underscores our commitment to broadening the reach of the Egyptian Food Bank’s initiatives, thereby increasing the number of families benefiting from our diverse feeding programs. Leveraging the inDrive platform ensures enhanced accessibility to a wider pool of beneficiaries across Egypt, thereby reinforcing food security for all, particularly during the auspicious month of Ramadan. Our strategic focus during this period is to extend support to as many households as possible through our array of programs.”

He further added, “For the Egyptian Food Bank, Ramadan represents a pivotal and vibrant period characterized by extensive activities aimed at serving the community by ensuring food reaches underprivileged families. As an institution dedicated to addressing hunger, our goal is to deliver public value and assume a leadership role in providing essential sustenance to eligible individuals. We are committed to forging additional partnerships to effectively reach all eligible individuals across the nation, adhering steadfastly to our principle: ‘Food… A Basic Life Need’.”

Egyptian Food Bank:

The Food Bank was established in 2004 as a non-governmental institution aiming to achieve food security in Egypt. Over the last seventeen years, the Food Bank continued to support the neediest families in Egypt who face difficulties and challenges in obtaining sufficient, safe and nutritious food, which directly contributed to alleviating the severity of suffering from Hunger at the national level.

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