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Students from the French elite University of “Sciences Po” acknowledge the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

By : Gulf Tech News

Students from the international, elite “Sciences Po” University in Menton in the south of France – one of the most distinguished and influential international universities in the field of economics and political sciences – praise the momentous cultural renaissance being witnessed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia during its most prosperous era.

The student, Adam Radwan, and his colleagues Sami Halhali, Marwa Bakassi and Hanya Tarek Mohamed Abdelhamid (all from different nationalities of Arab origin specializing in the studies of the Mediterranean Basin and Arab countries) visited the Kingdom for the first time, expressing their satisfaction, joy, and admiration for the astounding local progress they witnessed during their visit. The goal of the tour was to become familiarized with the cities of the Saudi kingdom.

As representatives of the above-mentioned esteemed university, they had the honour of interacting with prominent figures of the Kingdom. The student, Adam Radwan, and three of his colleagues expressed their appreciation for the amazing progress they detected during this short visit to the city of Al-Khobar where they visited Alkhorayef Petroleum Company’s facilities and met CEO, Mr. Mohammed Doghmi, and the Supply Chain and Manufacturing Senior Director, Mr. Mohamed Karim Mekouar. Mr. Mekouar accompanied the youths on a field tour of the manufacturing facilities, which they inspected with great admiration and appreciation for the progress of the Saudi kingdom.

They also met with the French citizens’ Advisor in Bahrain and Qatar, who provided them with an insight into the region and its recent developments. From Al-Khobar they moved on to the capital, Riyadh, where they met with many personalities and witnessed some of the dazzling events of the Riyadh Season.

The students concluded their first visit to the Kingdom, expressing their great pleasure for the wonderful reception and heart-warming hospitality, and their desire to repeat their visit soon.

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