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Salam Takes the Lead in Saudi Arabia’s Fixed Broadband Race

Opensignal, the global provider of independent insights into the connectivity experiences and decisions of consumers, has released its latest report on the fixed broadband experience in Saudi Arabia. The report reveals that Salam leads the pack across all five key metrics of user experience, delivering the fastest downloads, smoothest streaming, and most consistent quality for internet users across the Kingdom.

In its latest study, Opensignal has delved deep into the real-world fixed broadband landscape in Saudi Arabia, offering a comprehensive look at user experiences across the nation, including major cities like Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, and Mecca. Evaluating five crucial metrics, Opensignal provides valuable insights into the performance of leading broadband providers in the region.

Salam has truly emerged as the undisputed leader in Saudi Arabia, offering an unparalleled broadband experience across all metrics. With a standout ‘Good’ score in Broadband Video Experience, Salam users enjoy the fastest download and upload speeds, sharing the top spot in Broadband Consistent Quality with STC. In a detailed analysis of major cities, Salam dominates in 13 out of 19 comparisons, establishing itself as the go-to provider.

Salam delivers unparalleled performance in Dammam, claiming the top spot in Broadband Consistent Quality, Mobile Video Experience, Download Speed, and Upload Speed. This comprehensive dominance guarantees a superior broadband experience for residents. In Jeddah, Mobily leads in Broadband Consistent Quality and Upload Speed, while STC takes the lead in Mecca for Broadband Consistent Quality. Salam’s commitment to providing an exceptional broadband experience is making waves nationwide, setting new standards for connectivity and user satisfaction.

Unlocking the secrets of broadband, Opensignal captures the heartbeat of user experiences across a diverse array of network architectures, spanning fiber, xDSL, cable, fixed wireless access via 4G and 5G, and even satellite. This unique approach paints a panoramic picture of user satisfaction, covering the full spectrum of broadband technologies. Focusing on major players ensures our readers get a comprehensive snapshot of the broadband landscape, analyzing tariff characteristics and plan variations with real-world authenticity. It’s more than just data; it’s the narrative of how people navigate the internet in the dynamic world of broadband, and we’re here to share that story—unbiased and upfront.

Experience broadband redefined, where performance metrics illuminate a spectrum of excellence. The Broadband Consistent Quality metric, evaluated through user experience alignment with common application demands, guarantees unwavering reliability and seamless service. For discerning mobile video viewers, the Broadband Video Experience metric, meticulously measured by the Mean Opinion Score, unveils the nuanced delivery of visual content.

Optimizing efficiency, the Broadband Download Speed metric sets the benchmark for everyday online tasks, while the Broadband Peak Download Speed metric showcases the community’s pinnacle performance. Completing the comprehensive picture, the Broadband Upload Speed metric spotlights the network’s responsiveness in data transmission. This robust framework of metrics empowers informed decision-making, enabling users to select the broadband connection that aligns perfectly with their diverse needs.

In the November 2023 Fixed Broadband Experience Report by Opensignal, Salam’s continued reign as the champion in providing top-notch broadband experiences for users in Saudi Arabia is underscored. The in-depth analysis emphasizes Salam’s exceptional performance across crucial metrics, firmly establishing its leadership in the Saudi Arabian fixed broadband market.

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