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Kerten Hospitality and Hwadi Unveil a Landmark Cloud 7 Hotel Project in Al Ahsa, Saudi Arabia

Kerten Hospitality and Hwadi, has announced a pioneering new venture: the Cloud 7 Hotel Al Ahsa, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. As part of Kerten Hospitality’s ambitious expansion in Saudi Arabia, the Cloud 7 Hotel Al Ahsa project is a key highlight under ‘The Collective by Kerten Hospitality’ initiative. This initiative represents a visionary approach to integrating over 20 lifestyle and mixed-use projects across the Kingdom, with a strategic allocation of SAR 1.5 billion already achieved in 2023.

A Fusion of Business Acumen and Cultural Integration

This new venture is poised to seamlessly integrate with Al Ahsa’s vibrant landscape, positioning itself as a central hub for events and a focal point for community engagement. The project will have the capacity to host significant-scale events, supported by the addition of lifestyle-oriented rooms.

The inclusion of local and GCC-based retail and dining concepts aims to create a diverse environment that transforms the hotel into a communal space where the local community can come together, enjoy the facilities, and connect at the event space—all in one convenient destination.

Marloes Knippenberg, CEO of Kerten Hospitality, said, “The Cloud 7 Hotel Al Ahsa is an embodiment of Kerten Hospitality’s core values – innovation, community engagement, and a forward-thinking approach to hospitality. The project’s scope extends beyond traditional hotel services, focusing on enriching the Al Ahsa community through a socially resonant offering and experience that transcends the conventional hotel room.”

Hwadi: A Symbol of Creativity and Excellence

Hwadi’s collaboration in this venture is pivotal, bringing their extensive experience and a track record of over 200 successful projects. Their expertise in creative design, construction, and efficient project execution aligns perfectly with the ambitious scope of the Cloud 7 Hotel Al Ahsa project. Saif Albluwi, Hwadi Hospitality’s managing director, stated that “Cloud 7 Hotel Al Ahsa is set to be a key element in the region’s urban and cultural development, adding a new dimension to hospitality, entertainment, and business, all at once.” Assuring that “Hwadi’s powerful record of unique projects manifests in the concept and design of Cloud 7 Hotel Al Ahsa, with the incorporation of environmental and cultural elements in the facilities in order to comply and harmonize with the Kingdom’s visionary approach to futuristic projects.”

Innovative Development in Al Ahsa

Through this hotel, Kerten Hospitality aims to create a unique multifunctional development in Al Ahsa that incorporates greenery throughout the buildings, drawing inspiration from its environment. The Cloud 7 Hotel Al Ahsa will feature 120 rooms and suites designed for both short and long-stay guests. These spaces will not only showcase Al Ahsa’s culture in a unique setting with local art and design elements but also provide personalized experiences based on a deep knowledge of the local area and community.

Ouspace & Food Souk: A Trailblazing Fusion of Business and Social Innovation 

‘Ouspace’ is introduced as a business and social hub designed to foster entrepreneurship and community interaction. The space is tailored to the needs of modern professionals, offering a dynamic environment that combines work, social interaction, and cultural engagement.

Complementing ‘Ouspace’ will be ‘Food Souk,’ one of Kerten Hospitality’s F&B brands. ‘Food Souk’ introduces a social dining destination with a diverse array of local and regional F&B concepts, including startups – highlighting the project’s commitment to supporting the emerging generation of culinary talents in the Kingdom, offering them a flexible and empowering platform to kickstart their business.

Community and Culture For Humanity

The Cloud 7 Hotel initiative resonates with the values championed by the Abdulmonem Alrashed Humanitarian Foundation, reflecting a commitment to social and cultural development across KSA. This synergy underscores a shared vision of empowering communities and fostering sustainable growth. Cloud 7 Hotel Al Ahsa’s dedication to community engagement is evident through a diverse range of initiatives aimed at involving the local community and seamlessly integrating guests into the vibrant fabric of Al Ahsa. Regular events, including festivals, and performances, will pay homage to the region’s rich heritage and diversity.

The Vision: A Lifestyle Community Hub

The primary objective of Cloud 7 Hotel Al Ahsa is to establish a dynamic lifestyle community hub, centred on nurturing a sense of community among both local residents and visitors. This visionary project aims to create an innovative space within Ahsa, serving as a venue for events and curated events that will attract people to the region. In doing so, it plays a pivotal role in elevating Ahsa’s profile as a vibrant and sought-after destination. This endeavour not only respects the city’s architectural heritage but also extends a warm and inclusive welcome to all.

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