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EXEED’s Sensational Debut at Geneva Motor Show Signals Transformation in Regional Automotive Landscape

The Geneva International Motor Show, renowned as one of the world’s premier automotive exhibitions, made a dazzling stop in Qatar on October 6, captivating the attention of over 1,000 journalists from across the globe and achieving profound international acclaim.

The prestigious motor show saw EXEED emerge as a focal point, wherein distinguished Middle Eastern dignitaries, including royalties from Qatar and UAE, graced the booth with their presence, offering commendations for EXEED’s outstanding contributions to the automotive world and adding to the booth’s electrifying atmosphere. A key highlight of the show was the launch of the EXEED RX, a luxury mid-size SUV from the esteemed EXEED brand.

With a total population of 56.4 million, the GCC hosts a segment of locals with significant purchasing power who enjoy ownership of luxurious SUVs. Since entering the GCC market, EXEED has rapidly gained recognition among local high-end consumers.

Data from EXEED’s local distributors reveals that most of its buyers are comprised of high-income individuals such as university professors, coaches, doctors, teachers, newspaper editors-in-chief, and other professionals. Impressively, the customer satisfaction rate stands at a remarkable 97%.

The GCC’s scorching summer temperatures, exceeding 50°C, impose rigorous demands on air conditioning systems, a necessity in the locals’ lives. This challenging climate has led the local populace to expect superior performance from their car air conditioning systems, and EXEED’s air-conditioning capabilities have resoundingly earned their approval.

EXEED has gone the extra mile in terms of engine performance, offering an industry-leading 7-year, 200,000-kilometer warranty, surpassing its competitors. This warranty reflects EXEED’s unwavering confidence in its product quality.

In a region where fragrances are a part of culture, EXEED’s Fragrance System, offering three distinct scents, has resonated with the locals, reflecting EXEED’s dedication to product innovation and understanding of user preferences.

EXEED has also made significant advancements in intelligent car technology, appealing to a growing demographic of young automotive enthusiasts.

EXEED’s presence at the Geneva Motor Show in Qatar, coupled with the remarkable success of EXEED in key GCC markets such as Saudi Arabia, where Sanabel Modern Motors, a Mohamed Yousuf Naghi company and the exclusive dealer for EXEED vehicles in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, have brought significant success to the brand, signifies a dynamic shift in the region’s automotive landscape. As high-end local consumers continue to embrace quality, innovation, and reliability, brands like EXEED are poised to flourish, setting a new standard for excellence in the automotive industry.

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