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Chery Hosted the International User Co-Creation Conference 2023: Focused on Developing New Ecosystems for Valued Customers

Chery, a leading Chinese automaker, hosted the “2023 Chery International User Co-Creation Conference” in October, marking a significant event in its ongoing commitment to its valued customers. Held in Wuhu, China, the conference saw the convergence of international customers, influential bloggers, and global mainstream media, all coming together to establish a conversational ecosystem with Chery’s users. The event focused on three central themes: a new ecosystem, new technology, and a new future, demonstrating Chery’s dedication to pioneering a modern and inclusive user ecosystem model.

During the conference, Chery engaged with users worldwide, listening attentively to their insights and exploring how lifestyles can be enhanced through smart technology. This approach underscores Chery’s commitment to developing products that are not only user-driven but also resonate with the brand’s values and vision. Recognizing and addressing user needs was a paramount goal of the conference, highlighting Chery’s emphasis on customer-centricity and building an ecosystem that caters to them.
The “2023 Chery International User Co-Creation Conference” showcased groundbreaking technological advancements, positioning Chery at the forefront of reshaping vehicle development within the automotive industry. By adopting a user-centric approach and leveraging high-performance products, Chery is redefining how vehicles are integrated into the lives of its users.

Remaining deeply connected with its user base and attentive to evolving trends, Chery, as a global automotive leader, continues to embody a responsibility towards sustainable development. The conference was one among many initiatives that reflect Chery’s commitment to innovating for its users, powering a shared vision of mutual benefit and a better future. It served as a platform to showcase Chery’s vision for a futuristic ecosystem, aligning with the brand’s ethos of “sustainability, technology, family, and companionship.”

The “2023 Chery International User Co-Creation Conference” is a testament to Chery’s efforts in developing a diverse product line of smart vehicles that seamlessly integrate into a user’s daily life. The event culminated in the development of vehicles, designed to be not just a mode of transportation but a part of the user’s lifestyle, exemplifying Chery’s dedication to its valued customers.

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