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Avalon Pharmaceuticals Sets Sights on Global Expansion, Aiming to Triple its Exports by 2030

• Saudi pharmaceutical powerhouse Avalon Pharma is on a global expansion drive, targeting GCC and beyond, with a goal to raise exports from 10% to 30% by 2030.
• Leveraging 25 years of Saudi legacy, and strong support by the Saudi Export Development Authority, Avalon will dedicate renewed effort to emerging markets to achieve double-digit growth.

Avalon Pharmaceuticals, one of the fastest growing home-grown pharmaceutical companies in Saudi Arabia, has announced plans to continue its advancement with a multi-pronged international expansion plan.

With a target of growing total exports from 10% to 30% by 2030, Avalon Pharma’s ambitious expansion plan will leverage the company’s 25-year history in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by taking aim at new international markets. Driven by an emphasis on innovation, research and development, Avalon Pharma will continue to introduce its health and prescription medicine expertise across the GCC and beyond while solidifying its reputation for quality and trust. A key aspect of the company’s expansion strategy is to refocus efforts in these markets through partnerships with distributors specific to each market.

Driven by the support of the Saudi Export Development Authority (SEDA), Avalon Pharmaceuticals has made considerable advancements by targeting its focused markets – the six countries of the GCC and Iraq. SEDA is dedicated to making the global marketplace more available to Saudi companies by encouraging the use of Saudi products in international markets.

A strategic partnership with City Pharmacy, the largest pharmaceutical distributor in the UAE, was recently inked to increase Avalon Pharmaceuticals’ footprint across the Emirates.

Ahmad Al Tabbaa, Chairman of the Board at Avalon Pharmaceuticals,

said: “Our success in the pharmaceutical industry is based on more than two decades of success in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, something we have built our expansion across the region on.

Our goal is to increase total exports from 10% to 30% by 2030. This will be achieved by re-establishing our focus across key markets in the GCC, an effort we have committed to by establishing a presence within Dubai Science Park, the region’s first science-focused business community.

Also “أڤالون فارما” تخطط للتوسع عالمياً وزيادة حجم صادراتها إلى ثلاثة أضعاف بحلول عام 2030

To further our aims in the region, we will also open a regional office in Dubai staffed by a team dedicated to our international ambitions.”
Avalon is currently distributing to more than 15 countries and their expansion plan objective has two different Route To Market (RTM) approaches:

Strategic focus markets: this would involve having a representative from Avalon on the ground in those markets to be able to monitor the business closely with its partners

Current countries that Avalon distributes in: UAE, GCC, Iraq, Jordan
• – New target markets: Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia and Morocco

Emerging markets: Expanding business in different areas primarily through distribution partners with indirect follow up from Avalon

Sample target market list: Eastern Africa, Western Africa, Libya, Algeria and Balkan Peninsula
Further international expansion will take place by targeting emerging markets such as Libya, Sudan, Uganda and Egypt with additional focus placed on exploring markets in North Africa and East Asia by championing the “Made in Saudi” tagline affixed to its products, a popular hallmark within key international markets. Working closely with SEDA will be central to achieving these aims as the company continues to expand.

Mohamed Maher Al Ghannam, Managing Director & CEO of Avalon Pharma,

said: “We are well-positioned to continue our expansion within the GCC and across several new markets. We have made numerous strides in the UAE which have furthered our growth aims. We will also establish a country manager in Kuwait to help service Kuwait and Bahrain. Avalon Pharma has strengthened the global awareness of products ‘Made in Saudi’, offering new opportunities in the GCC and beyond.”

Avalon Pharma is best known for its wide-ranging products which include cosmeceuticals, oral hygiene products, sanitizers and herbal medicine. The company produces a broad portfolio of merchandise with plans to add increased stock to its portfolio.

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