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Experts Weigh in at FII: Saudi Arabia’s Decisive Leadership and Vision 2030 Paving the Way for a Healthcare Transformation

At the 7th edition of the Future Investment Initiative (FII) conference, experts discussed the transformative impact Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 has on the Kingdom’s healthcare and well-being sectors, with its leadership playing a crucial role in its successful implementation. During the session titled ‘2024 Outlooks: Trends Across Healthcare,’ Dr. Shamsheer Vayalil, Founder and Chairman of Burjeel Holdings, shared insights on the monumental shift led by Saudi Arabia’s leadership.

“KSA’s decisive leadership is the secret to Vision 2030’s success. By placing healthcare and well-being at the center stage, the Kingdom is paving the way for transformative impacts on society,” said Dr. Shamsheer.

The panelists at the FII session, which also focused on the new trends in the healthcare sector, included Travis Dalton, EVP & General Manager of Oracle Health; Irene Hong, Founding Partner of CEC Capital Group; Nisa Leung, Managing Partner of Qiming Venture Partners, and Christopher Merrill, Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO of Harrison Street. The panel deliberated on the future of healthcare investments, particularly in hospitals, medical facilities, and groundbreaking technology, while evaluating the potential return on investment. The experts opined that the robust regulations and policies on the horizon could be a game-changer for healthcare delivery and access.

According to Dr. Shamsheer, the healthcare landscape has been significantly redefined, with a focus on empowerment and evolving delivery methods. “The concept of livability is gaining popularity, with top football players coming to the Kingdom and emphasizing the importance of well-being. The leadership is fully aligned with Vision 2030, with His Royal Highness Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman highlighting health as a vital element,” he said.

Burjeel Holdings, under Dr. Shamsheer’s leadership, has recently launched PhysioTherabia, the first-of-its-kind advanced physiotherapy, rehabilitation, and wellness centers, aiming to be the largest in the Kingdom. Furthermore, the Group has set its sights on investing up to USD 1 billion in Saudi Arabia by 2030 to expand its presence.

Dr. Shamsheer also emphasized the significant role played by healthcare workers at large events. “Today, the presence of healthcare workers at events provide confidence and symbolize the prominent role of well-being in our society.”

The evolving landscape of intellectual property and the post-COVID era have brought about significant changes in the healthcare sector. “Gone are the days of big pharma solely supplying medicine. Today, we’re focused on creating intellectual property on the ground, manufacturing locally, and ensuring efficient supply chains,” he explained.

Dr. Shamsheer also shared insights into the collaboration between the healthcare sector and significant clinical institutions, underscoring the importance of intellectual property, know-how, and clinical leads over names and brands. “Our partnership model has evolved, with an emphasis on seeing results on the ground. In the UAE, we’re promoting medical tourism and encouraging talent to stay within the region, contributing to its growth and development,” he added.

According to him, a rapidly advancing healthcare system in Saudi Arabia and the UAE is at the forefront of the transformation. “The healthcare systems here are not just offering low-hanging fruit. The advancing ecosystem is revolutionizing the concept of care delivery, aiming to bring people with medical needs to our region, diagnose and treat them, and offer them an opportunity to explore our rich culture and hospitality.”

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