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Why the HONOR 9X PRO has the Best Camera Features for Night Owls Intelligent AI and Revolutionary Technology Bring Evening Shots to Life

RIYADH, gulftech – The evening can offer an intimate splendor for night owls. From special
dining occasions, evening walks or desert adventures, there are many moments the nighttime
presents. However, capturing these special memories can often be challenging, with cameras
often unable to snap the moment properly. Global technology brand, HONOR, is tackling these
challenges with the HONOR 9X PRO. Whether camping in the desert or enjoying an evening in
the city the HONOR 9X PRO has the latest camera features for nighttime photography. The
smart device offers a flagship-level 48MP triple-lens rear camera setup that houses only the
most integral lenses to accommodate for every unique shooting scenario to encounter. The AI-
powered features help produce optimal images regardless of the dim environment and with a
long life battery and massive capabilities of 4000 mAh, the HONOR 9X Pro can capture every
moment, all night long.
Crystal-Clear Photography at Night
Knowing the limitations of photography at night, HONOR has engineered a revolutionized HDR
image processing, utilizing an advanced AI algorithm to produce ultra-clear yet realistic images.
The Kirin 810 AI Chipset uses the fourth-generation in-house ISP to improve pixel throughput
and uses the latest AWB algorithm, integrates the DE module, and adds RAW-domain noise
reduction (NR) to improve image processing and the NR effect.
Intelligent AI Features for Enhanced Images
The AIS Super Night Mode is a game-changer when it comes to night photography, intelligently
synthesizing images through a meticulous four-step procedure to form one picture-perfect shot
in a mere second. Unlike the traditional method of extending the exposure period, the long
shooting process is broken into shortened exposures. The HONOR 9X Pro intelligently
synthesizes up to 16 images into one single picture through a meticulous four-step procedure
based on HDR processing. Discrepancies are automatically detected and corrected, making sure images are picture-perfect with the right lighting balance

In the age of social media, there has to be pictures or it didn’t happen. Enabling night
photography without external gadgets, the HONOR 9X Pro becomes the ultimate conversation starter, capturing every wonderful moment.

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