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TAWAL sets an original industry standard with innovative In-Building Solution (IBS)

RIYADH, gulftech – TAWAL, the leading integrated ICT infrastructure provider in the Kingdom, has developed an innovative In-Building Solution (IBS) as part of its product portfolio. The product development follows a benchmarking exercise on IBS solutions offered by other international Tower Companies.

Developed by TAWAL’s Commercial Sector via Services and Products Portfolio Department, the IBS product covers design, implementation, and operation phases to strengthen mobile communication signal coverage inside high-density public buildings where communications signal can deteriorate. These could include airports, hospitals, universities, stadiums, hotels, and malls. The developed product offers a cost-effective solution and yet with enhanced technology options to support high-speed data services for the growing number of users.

TAWAL’s Chief Commercial Officer, Mr. Abdulrahman Al Moaiqel, said: “We are pleased to bring our IBS product to the ICT market as part of our integrated solutions bundle that we offer to boost the infrastructure of the ICT sector in the Kingdom. Our aim is to enable mobile operators to provide superior coverage for building landlords and real estate owners with cutting-edge technologies that extend uninterrupted network coverage towards an enhanced user experience. The IBS product is based on an innovative business model with a distinguished technical modular structure along with flexible commercial solutions, allowing us to be more dynamic and agile in meeting our clients’ expectations. It also positions TAWAL as a state-of-the-art ICT infrastructure provider.

TAWAL is a leading Saudi ICT infrastructure company that offers state-of-the-art ICT infrastructure solutions to supply a growing industry. TAWAL is well-positioned to lead the next hi-tech transformation by offering the ideal answer to customers searching for a reliable and cost-efficient ICT infrastructure that would ensure optimal operations for their business. Currently, a key player in the Saudi telecommunications infrastructure industry, the company aspires to extend its coverage to embrace the whole region.

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