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Samsung’s Vision of the Future Home Experience Comes to Life with Bespoke

On May 11, Samsung Digital Appliances will be showcasing the “Bespoke Home” — a vision that reflects how the role of the home has evolved at a new event, “Bespoke Home 2021.”

Today, our homes have become multifunctional. Living rooms are now doubling as yoga studios, movie theaters, and makeshift classrooms. The kitchen counter has become a remote office desk. Living in this ‘new normal’ has required us to become more creative about how to fit our daily routines into limited spaces.

From the way we use our rooms to the materials we use in our interior design, so many things have changed inside our homes – except our appliances.

At Samsung, we believe that now is the time for our appliances to change. Appliances must be designed beautifully to satisfy the tastes of our trendy, discerning customers; they must have flexible features so that they can be fit to each user’s unique lifestyle needs; they must be connected, not just for connectivity’s sake, but to truly streamline and enrich the home management experience.

And of course, all of these innovations must be pursued with sustainability in mind. For home appliances, that means creating durable products with longer lifespans to reduce needless waste and developing new technologies that help consumers reduce consumption of water and energy without sacrificing performance.

This is our vision for appliances in the Bespoke Home.

Designed for You

The Bespoke Home begins with Samsung’s flagship Bespoke refrigerators, which will be expanding across global markets in 2021. This line offers personalized design, with interchangeable panels available in many colors and finishes.

The response so far to Bespoke refrigerators has been tremendous. Early adopters love that Bespoke comes in an array of changeable colors and materials that fit any interior décor. The fridges also have a sleek, flat-front design that gives them a built-in appearance.

This year, we are also excited to introduce new and exclusive collections of our Bespoke refrigerators in collaboration with designers, which we plan to further discuss at our upcoming event.

But we are not stopping with the kitchen. The customizable Bespoke design philosophy is coming to appliances throughout the home – giving you more freedom to decide what your appliances will look like.

Flexible for You

An important aspect of the Bespoke refrigerator is flexibility. It has a modular design that allows you to pick and choose the size and style of the unit, as well as flexible temperature controls for different compartments that let you control how you store your food.

For the Bespoke Home, we’ve taken this central idea of flexibility and applied it to other appliances.

We know that the same chores, be it vacuuming or airing out the house or doing laundry, do not mean the same thing in every household. This is why in our Bespoke Home vision, appliances have features that can be adjusted as your household needs change.

Whether you are welcoming new members into your family, taking on a home improvement project to change out your floors or getting serious about cooking at home, we want your appliance experiences to evolve to fit your needs.

Connected for You

The Bespoke Home also includes seamless connectivity powered by IoT services, AI and automation to create customized and holistic home solutions that bring appliances together. Samsung’s SmartThings services streamline housework to let you focus on the activities you enjoy and to help you get more out of everyday home experiences.

Samsung is the only brand that can bring these fundamental changes to your home seamlessly. With our dual leadership in hardware and software and an expansive range of devices compatible with SmartThings, the possibilities for a connected home are endless.

Connecting your appliances to SmartThings is set to help your appliances cater to your own personal lifestyle, habits and preferences. Whether you want to find a recipe that works perfectly with your Samsung oven or you’re looking for the right wash cycle for a delicate garment, SmartThings will have you covered.

The services you will see at Bespoke Home 2021 are going to offer a glimpse into the future. The smart home is about more than being able to remotely turn your machines on or change their settings: we are creating services for a home that truly knows you and is customized to your interests and needs.

A New Vision for the Home

We are excited to show you the modern designs, flexible features and smart connectivity that will make up our Bespoke Home vision on May 11. We will be showcasing our existing products that have been evolved with new features and functionalities, as well as presenting some completely new products and services. In addition, we are excited to share with you our sustainability vision and goals. The world has changed so much over the past year, and it is time for our appliances to catch up. We look forward to seeing you at Bespoke Home 2021. 

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