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Quara Holding Introduces Mobile Robotics For First Time To Saudi Market in Partnership With KWRS

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – gulftech: Quara Holding has signed a strategic partnership agreement with KWRS to introduce autonomous robotics to Saudi Arabia for the first time. The exclusive agreement will enable Quara Robotics, one of Quara Holding investments, to represent KWRS in the Kingdom and provide their range of AI robotics to retail, manufacturing, service, hospitality, e-commerce, and security industries to improve efficiency, reduce operating costs, and simplify processes.
KWRS is a technology-based enterprise with expertise in human-computer interaction, robot control systems, and big data fusion. Its range of intelligent robot products was designed to improve efficiency, streamline processes, and remain contactless. Quara Robotics was established to address real-world challenges with mobile robotics that will help customers optimize production, reduce operating costs, and enhance customer experiences.
KWRS is a 3 years old company with patents in China and South Korea. It supplies AI security and general service robots to over 40 global brands including international hotel chains, Hilton, Mercure and Hyatt.
Quara Holding CEO Ziad El Chaar said, “We are delighted to announce this exclusive partnership with KWRS. There is an increasing demand for mobile robotics across various industries, which is forecast to rise exponentially, driven by technological advances, a growing dependency on automation, and a booming e-commerce industry. The COVID-19 pandemic has also increased demand for contactless, automated interactions.
“Quara Robotic’s reseller agreement with KWRS will offer flexibility and allow Saudi companies to utilize new efficiencies, extend automation programs, and stay ahead of the curve.”
He added “The introduction of robotic solutions is aligned with the economic diversification goals of Vision 2030 and the National Digital Transformation Program.”
Helly He, KWRS CTO said, “We are pleased to be entering the Saudi market in partnership with Quara Robotics. Our AI-powered robots will transform the flourishing e-commerce, manufacturing, hospitality, retail, and service sectors in the Kingdom. The exclusive agreement will bring comprehensive human-machine interaction solutions to the private sector and will help companies utilize new efficiencies.
“Our range of AI autonomous robotic solutions can be adapted to suit a range of industries from goods-to-person picking robots and self-driving forklift trucks, to outdoor delivery driverless cars, dish delivery robots in restaurants, and contact-free service in hotels. All our applications are designed to enhance the supply chain ecosystem and create lucrative opportunities for businesses across Saudi Arabia.”
Quara Holding expects to introduce its first KWRS robotic solutions by June 2021.

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