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Pair Up and Play On With Uninterrupted Sound from HONOR

RIYADH, gulftech – People have had a love affair with music for generations: pleasing the
mind with beats, patterns and vocals. Research has shown that the brain releases dopamine
when listening to music, a chemical messenger in the body that occurs when we do something
essential to survival. Even though it is not biologically necessary to need music to survive, could
you image a world without it? Likely not.
Music can help you wind down after a long day or create an atmosphere for a gathering with
friends. Individually, music is an intimate, personal experience, from the playlists we curate to
the sounds we stream, everyone can find a composition to suit their style. Which is why having
the right earbuds to create a clear, enjoyable listening environment is so important. Global
technology brand, HONOR, understands the personalized journey users go on with music and
is offering an enriched experience with its HONOR True Wireless Earbuds. Empowered by
cutting edge technology the earbuds offer a comfortable fit and clear sound.
Exceptional Music Experience
As an entry-level true wireless earbuds, the HONOR True Wireless Earbuds is equipped with a
7mm composite diaphragm speakers to deliver a buttery-smooth and immersive listening
experience with high stability and remarkable sound quality. The HONOR True Wireless
Earbuds features dual-channel synchronous transmission technology based on Bluetooth 5.0. It
can help reduce latency to as low as 130ms, promising a stable connection for a smooth and
seamless music session without having any interruptions.
Comfortable Fit
The HONOR True Wireless Earbuds is designed to fit snugly in your ear. Because ears come in
many shapes, HONOR has included silicon ear tips of four different sizes for you to choose
from. The earbuds create a passive seal effect that blocks out surrounding sound while giving
you a secure, comfortable fit.
With 24-hour long-lasting battery life, the HONOR CHOICE True Wireless Earbuds delivers a
frictionless and superb listening experience with music playback for up to six hours. So you can
enjoy your music for longer.

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