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Mohamed Yousuf Naghi Motors  Hyundai Develops Its Marketing Strategy for 2024

Mohamed Yousuf Naghi Motors, the Hyundai dealer in the Western region, continues to develop its marketing strategy to attract customers to its showrooms spread across the Western region of the Kingdom. This includes the availability of new models in high demand until February 29, 2024, or until stocks run out.

At the beginning of 2024, MYNM launched scheduled marketing campaigns to highlight the available models included in its various strategic plans, which are suitable for customer budgets and a package of distinctive post-purchase services.

Tamer El-Hakim, Managing Director of Naghi-Hyundai, emphasized the importance of updating promotional marketing plans to suit the general market requirements and our customers’ specific needs. He expressed his confidence that the new strategy would attract “a lot of interest from our customers on the one hand, and from other car owners in the Kingdom on the other hand.” He said, “We continue to renew all our plans to urge all interested buyers to hurry and book a test drive for the models included in our new plans for 2024, which encourages customers to make a quick decision to buy the car they desire with ease.”

He concluded by saying: “What distinguishes these offers are the competitive and exceptional monthly installments for 2024 models, with no down payment and no administrative fees, a 5-year or 100,000 km factory warranty, and a 5-year roadside assistance service. This encourages customers to decide to buy the car they desire with ease quickly.”

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