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Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development encourages business owners and employees to access its Qiwa platform

Riyadh, Gulf tech:
The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development (HRSD) is encouraging all business
owners and employees to access the full range of services available through its Qiwa platform.
The platform provides a single point of reference through the MHRSD digital Knowledge Center
relating to important labor sector information and services.
Since its launch Qiwa has established itself as an important resource. It is a main component of
the MHRSD’s digital transformation program and has streamlined labor related decision-
making processes, developed service quality, improved business and individual experiences and
increased transparency.
The range of services offered by Qiwa include an e-consultancy service to evaluate business
performance and provide advice on areas for improvement, an interactive dashboard displaying
business indicators including average wages, Saudi female employment rates and job
sustainability, as well as a Nitaqat calculator to determine Saudization levels and a series of pre-
emptive alerts to help businesses avoid delays and violations.
The services also include a detailed monthly report aimed at enhancing communication
between business owners and the HRSD, as well as raising work regulation compliance.
The Qiwa platform was officially launched in April 2019 to offer a one-stop shop for labor sector
information and services. The Ministry is committed to constantly reviewing and updating the
platform to ensure it meets requirements and stays up-to-date with the latest Saudi labor laws.

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