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Mais Hamdan, Mai Selim and Dana Hamdan to Meet Fans on Bigo Live

Jordan: gulftech – Jordanian superstars (and sisters), Mais Hamdan, Mai Selim and Dana Hamdan, will take center stage on Bigo Live, a global leading live streaming platform with headquarters in Singapore, to connect, engage with, and entertain their fans through live and interactive sessions. The livestreams will take place between 8:00pm to 10:00pm (KSA time) on Sunday, 4th April 2021, marking the first time Jordanian artistes participate on Bigo Live to interact with fans on the livestreaming platform.

Mais Hamdan – the actress who starred in Zarf Taree and Khareta Am Rakan – Dana Hamdan – who starred in the movie When We Were Born – and singer-actress Mai Selim – known for her songs Seboo, Saktalo and Malak Owsadi – will be joined by some of the top broadcasters from Jordan and across the region, making the livestreams fun, exciting, and highly interactive.
Fans of Jordanian superstar sisters will not only have the opportunity to be entertained by their favorite artistes, but also chat exclusively with them, and play trivia games based on each artist’s unique career. They will also be able to get the opportunity to learn more about the life and childhood of each superstar because of the details that only sisters know and can share. Active fans will also have the opportunity to win challenges and earn rewards, which can be redeemed within the app.
“At Bigo Live, we want to that our livestreaming platform was conceptualized and designed to unite people and help them stay connected and positive with new forms of entertainment, especially during these challenging times,” said a spokesperson from Bigo Live. “Entertainment is universal, regardless of its art form. We are extremely proud of the level of support, dedication and commitment our users on Bigo Live have shown each other both in the livestreaming community and in their daily lives. We are committed to enriching our users’ lives and experiences, and fostering a sense of community and family. We look forward to working with more celebrities to excite and entertain our livestreaming community in the years to come.”
Ever since the pandemic gripped the world, Bigo Live released a series of campaigns, content and worked with celebrities from around the world, such as Egyptian superstars Hamo Beka and Menna Arafa, Australian DJ M4Sonic, Japanese stars Ryo Nishikido and Jin Akanish, and Malaysian Singer Baby Shima, all of whom have conducted livestreams on Bigo Live. The aim is to share joy and build a sense of togetherness during these unprecedented times.
To join the livestream, fans can simply download the Bigo Live app here and follow Bigo Live ID: Hamdan.sisters for more updates.

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