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HWBC supports opening of new Covid-19 vaccination center in Rimah Governorate

RIYADH, Gulftech:
The Health Water Bottling Company (HWBC), owner of the Nova Water brand, has announced its support for a new Covid-19 vaccination center in Rimah Governorate. The move is in line with Ministry of Health plans to open more vaccination centers across the Kingdom, in order to combat the pandemic.
The new center in Rimah Hospital will have the capacity to provide up to 1000 vaccinations a day for people from the surrounding area.
The initiative reflects HWBC’s commitment to support local communities through its social responsibility program. Rimah Governorate includes the Se’ed region where the source of Nova Water is located and where its bottling plant is sited.
On this occasion, Governor of Rimah, Mr. Abdullah Asharafa welcomed the HWBC initiative and expressed his appreciation of the company’s support for the new center in Rimah Hospital in partnership with the Ministry of Health, as the center will provide vaccinations for the residents of Rimah Governorate.
“The center is a significant step in the fight against Covid-19 allowing us to extend the vaccine program to the Governorate’s residents and enable us to return to a normal life,” he said.
HWBC Chairman Abdullah Bahmdan said, “Our partnership with the Ministry of Health to support a Covid-19 vaccine center in the Governorate of Rimah is in response to our long relationship with the region, as the Nova Water plant is in its Se’ed region.

“Provision of the new vaccination center is part of HWBC’s ongoing commitment to social responsibility and demonstrates our support for local communities through the introduction of healthy and sustainable initiatives,” he added.
Al Rimah Governorate is 120 kilometers north-east of Riyadh city and the medical center which will provide the vaccines to the local population is 15 kilometers from Rimah.

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