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HUAWEI’s Petal Search introduces Ramadan Center

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, gulftech : Petal Search, the easy-to-use application and search engine, pre-installed on new Huawei smartphones, has introduced a one-of-a-kind page called Ramadan Center. In efforts to make search more convenient than ever, this page provides users with quick and convenient access to information across several categories, from popular series to delicious recipes.

Instead of making many new searches every day, users can save time and find what they’re looking for immediately. On just one spot, users can explore results across main categories, including easy food recipes, entertainment with trending Ramadan series, fun games, and the latest news.

Users can also search via text, visual, and voice using the search engine’s state-of-the-art technology. Petal Search’s futuristic technology doesn’t restrict users to searching alone – it also enables them to download applications, games, and experiences easily and conveniently.

Exploring and access to home-grown services and hidden gems has never been easier, as Petal Search provides users with curated content that is personalised using local data. With this, users don’t have to worry about finding irrelevant results and suggestions, and can see relevant results based on their current location.

As for privacy, users can enjoy searching via Incognito Mode for a safe browsing experience without saving cookies or tracking and analysing personal data. Petal Search already has over 150 million installs and – with strict adherence to privacy and copyright protection standards – is certified with the European Privacy Seal for GDPR compliance.

To learn more about Petal Search’s Ramadan Center, please visit: https://bit.ly/3gpkYaf

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