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Gulf region’s largest digital art centre Infinity des Lumières to be powered by Barco technology

Dubai, UAE – gulftech – Barco has provided projection technology for
the ground-breaking new immersive art centre, Infinity des Lumières, in Dubai
(UAE). The new digital art centre will allow visitors and residents of the UAE to
discover a novel approach to experiencing art. The first set of digital immersive
shows, starting in 2021, will focus on the masterpieces of coveted artists
including Van Gogh, Japanese artists such as Hokusai and Kuniyoshi, as well
as the contemporary artist and moviemaker Thomas Vanz.
Infinity des Lumières is the brainchild of organizing company INFINITYART and French
company CULTURESPACES DIGITAL®, the renowned provider of immersive digital
experiences with masterpieces of some of the most famous artists in history. Barco has been
a preferred technology partner for Culturespaces’ digital art centres for many years.
“Infinity des Lumières is an inspiring and immersive experiential addition to the UAE’s art and
culture industry that will attract both residents and visitors from all over the world. The great
image detail and colour performance of Barco’s projection technology will enable people to
immediately engage with the artwork, enter the world of the artist and leave the visitor with an
unforgettable multi-sensory journey. It is an art experience for everyone that will set a new
standard for the region”, says Catherine Oriol (Director, Infinity des Lumières).
Impeccable immersive experience
Infinity des Lumières is located in The Dubai Mall, at the very heart of Downtown Dubai, at
the footsteps of the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. The digital art centre has a 2,700
m 2 area and 3,300 m 2 screen surface (walls and floor) with inspiring, multi-layered virtual
exhibitions and fascinating immersive content. The exhibition follows the same outline as
Culturespaces’ prestigious Atelier des Lumières in Paris and is powered by 130 Barco’s
cutting-edge projectors ranging from 119 units of G60-W10 projector to F70-W8 and F80-
Q12 projectors.
“Dubai has transformed significantly over the last decade and is at the forefront of the global
transformational era. That is why the image quality, detailed rendition of the artwork, and
impeccable immersiveness were critical in our technology selection. We are delighted to
have Barco as our technology partners to help provide a superior visitor experience at the
centre”, says Catherine Oriol.

Reliable projection technology
Infinity des Lumières builds on the success of previous Culturespaces projects with Barco
projectors in Paris, Les Baux-de-Provence and Bordeaux. The projectors at Infinity des
Lumières have an even more challenging operational schedule, because they will need to
deliver excellent and truthful colours from 10 am to midnight, 7 days a week. To make sure
that Barco projectors continue to deliver the image quality they are known for, Infinity des
Lumières is relying on Barco’s excellent support services.
“We are glad to contribute to Infinity des Lumières’ goals of attracting new audiences for art
through cutting-edge digital technology,” says Erdem Soyal (Vice President Middle East and
Africa, Barco) “Infinity des Lumières is the first immersive art project of this size in the Middle
East, and we are looking forward to see our projectors in operation.”

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