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For the first time in Saudi,Bupa Arabia launches health insurance product for parents


Bupa Arabia for Cooperative Insurance Co launched its new health insurance product covering parents for the first time in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, giving its members the opportunity to cover their parents with a plan that’s customized for their needs easily through Bupa Arabia’s website.
Ali Sheneamer (Chief Business Development Officer at Bupa Arabia for Cooperative Insurance Co) explained that ensuring the care and comfort of Bupa Arabia’s customers is a priority for the company, confirming that this strategy will remains true with the new “Bupa Parents” product.
Sheneamer stated, “This new health insurance plan is designed to meet the needs of the elderly by covering conditions that usually increase with age. The coverage includes diagnosis and treatment in the Kingdom’s best hospitals and clinics, as well as coverage for conditions like cardiovascular diseases, Alzheimer’s, and vision problems.”
“This new product will support members to try to repay their parents for all the care and love they have provided for them as children by taking care of them in their older age” he added.
One of the advantages of this new product is the provision of specialized medical care for fathers and mothers through the “Tebtom” and “Rahatkom” programs and other high-quality services. It will also enable parents to enjoy a high level of safety, to have easy access to a wide range of health care services in the Kingdom without having to bear the long waitlist to get the proper treatment.

A study conducted by the Saudi Elderly Support Organization (WAQAR) in 2019 predicted that the percentage of the elderly in the Kingdom would increase by 11.1% in 2030 to reach 20.9% in 2050. The study revealed a number of challenges facing this group of citizens, the most important of which are: poor quality health care for the elderly, which Bupa Arabia is trying to address through the launch of its new product.

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