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Finastra makes Fusion KTP available in the cloud for bank and corporate treasurers

Dubai, UAE – gulftech – Finastra today announced the availability of its Fusion KTP integrated global treasury management solution in the cloud. Existing customers are already in the process of migrating to Finastra’s cloud solution which is hosted on Microsoft Azure. Accessing Fusion KTP in the cloud will give users the opportunity to accelerate innovation and time to market, and the ability to transform their operations at scale.
Fusion KTP supports treasurers within both banks and corporates in managing their evolving cash management, risk, reporting, compliance and accounting requirements. The solution offers end-to-end multi-asset coverage and supports collaborative cash and workflow management across customer organizations, allowing them to centralize their financial exposures – optimizing hedging cost, reducing risk and ensuring compliance.
“Making Fusion KTP available to customers in the cloud via Microsoft Azure builds on Finastra’s strategic vision to help accelerate the digital transformation of financial services, and help customers on their journeys to open,” said Riteesh Singh, Senior Vice President, Financial Messaging Marketplaces at Finastra. “Customers eager to transform their treasury operations will benefit from increased flexibility in adapting to constant change across global markets. In addition, they will be able to take advantage of the highest standards of security, resiliency, performance and operating excellence.”
Cubillas Ding, Research Director at Celent, says: “Treasury functions are increasingly called upon to closely partner with internal business teams, as well as with innovative external technology vendors to navigate strategic and tactical course corrections, especially through uncertain markets. Set against global efforts to adapt and remodel, firms have to react to heightened business dislocations, altered competitive playbooks, in addition to a complex interplay of financial, liquidity and cyber risks. A leaner, more responsive posture will enable an organization to quickly steer towards optimal paths for growth, diversification and resiliency.

Fusion KTP is used by banks and corporates – mainly in France, Belgium and North Africa. For further information click here.

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