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EZVIZ launches Ramadan campaign for families across Saudi Arabia to share treasured moments with loved ones near and far

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, gulftech— EZVIZ, an industry-leading innovator in carefree home intelligence launches its Ramadan campaign encouraging people in Saudi Arabia to share memorable moments of Ramadan they have missed during these challenging times. By sharing these treasured moments, they will have the chance to win EZVIZ’s latest premium indoor camera, C6W.  

Ramadan is traditionally a time to be with and enjoy the company of family and loved ones. The Holy Month is a period for reflection. During Iftar, families gather together to share stories, memories and experiences. However, it has been a challenging 12 months for many people in the Kingdom and with restrictions in place across the country, this year will see many families unable to meet in person.

As a company that explores to build both technological connectivity and people connections in creation of sweet, caring homes, EZVIZ understands the importance of staying in touch with loved ones. During the special times, many people have used EZVIZ indoor and outdoor cameras to check in the well-being of their family members even if they’re away from each other, while feeling protected at home during social distancing. Therefore, the company aims to encourage more people across the country to do so through its #NeverMissAMoment campaign. EZVIZ asks people to share their own memorable moments tagging @ezviz_mena on Instagram and sharing the hashtag #NeverMissAMoment to win the new product.

EZVIZ interviewed people on the ground ahead of the campaign for them to share their personal experiences of how Ramadan has been for them in last year but also this year.

Ahmad works in Riyadh while his family including his mother, two brothers and sister live in Dammam. “I got my job just before the start of pandemic, so it has been very difficult to be away from them for so long,” he said. “We have always been close as a family and Ramadan has always been a special time for us. Before the pandemic my brother and sisters made sure that we were at home at least during the last few weeks of Ramadan so we could all be together during Eid. The last 12 months have been very difficult as I haven’t been able to be with them. The pandemic has made it very difficult to travel so I have not been able to see my family since I got my job. The thought of not being with them for another year is frustrating as I miss them all very much.”

Rashad is currently working for a private company in Riyadh, while all is relatives live Makkah and Jeddah. “Before the start of the pandemic my family used to make sure we were able to visit our homes during Ramadan,” he said. “This is such an important time for our family but with the restrictions in place since the start of the pandemic it has been very isolating to not be able to be with them in person. We try to call each other regularly but it’s not the same as having an iftar together and sharing stories.”

Abdu, who is originally from Egypt but works in Riyadh, said: “My whole family is back in Egypt and I have a number of older relatives that I used to make a special trip to visit during Ramadan. We all loved being together during Ramadan as it really helps to bring everyone closer. It didn’t matter what kind of day you were having. As soon as we got together for Iftar everyone got more relaxed. Unfortunately, with the current situation I haven’t been able to do any travelling so it has become very isolating.”

The C6W indoor camera is more than a security system and is the ideal setup to have a virtual Iftar thanks to its 360-degree pan/tilt monitoring feature. Its sleek, modern orb design makes it the perfect device to place in your living room making it convenient and easy to use.

So why not make this a special Ramadan and share the moments you would never want to miss by tagging @ezviz_mena on social media and using the hashtag #NeverMissAMoment.

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