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EZVIZ delivers a stylish smart home experience with the launch of new indoor camera in Saudi Arabia

Al Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – 5 April 2021—EZVIZ, an industry-leading innovator in carefree home intelligence, has launched its premium, stylish smart home indoor camera, the C6W in Saudi. The new savvy technology boasts 360-degree pan/tilt monitoring and is another powerful indoor security gadget from EZVIZ’s C6-series camera family.
The smart home security market continues to mature in Saudi Arabia as
homeowners are continuously looking for new devices that not only make their homes more technologically advanced, but that seamlessly integrate with the décor.

“The new C6W camera is designed to cater not only the growing needs for wider and wiser home protection, but also the increased demand for good interior taste in every detail,” said Bridge Huang, product manager of EZVIZ’s pan and tilt camera range. “We hope families can enjoy using the new C6W camera for its premium design, ultra-flexibility and adaptability for 360 monitoring, ultimately leading to a more secure and safe home.”
A smart orb to match modern interiors Designed as a sleek, modern orb, the C6W is the perfect device to be placed in your living room. Slightly the new C6W sits on a refreshing, silver base with matte finish, making itself perfectly fit in modern interior.

Not only does the C6W lend itself to a cozy, lively home environment, but it also respects homeowners’ need for privacy and personal space. Users can turn on the privacy mode from the EZVIZ App to switch off the lens whenever they need, and EZVIZ makes sure all user data is strictly encrypted, requiring sophisticated authentication for user-only access.
A packaged security solution in one Whilst working from home, the C6W is the ideal device for space monitoring, where the camera can pan and tilt to mimic the flexibility of an owl, providing a 360-degree field-of-view and smart motion tracking across every corner of a room. When incidents are noticed, the camera will automatically zoom in up to 4 times to capture
details. To filter out irrelevant alerts, the auto-zoom tracking can also be set to “human tracking only.”

In order to take in clearer scenes, the C6W captures every detail in 2K resolution, which allows for image rendering up to 8 times digital zoom. In addition, the camera features True-WDR technology to better visualize real environments in high-contrast The C6W camera will soon be available for purchase. Please contact local EZVIZ representatives for detailed information.

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