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Chery Adds a New Meaning to “Made in China”

Formidable Production Capacity Based on a UniqueApproach to Human Resources Management

It is commonly believed that an automaker’s manufacturing capacity is measured by its deployment of the latest and most advanced technological equipment or a total replacement of its workforce by robots. Chery is certainly not lagging behind,evident from its high automation rate across stamping, welding, painting and general assembly functions. Chery’s high-speed automated stamping workshop has a 92% product qualified rate, painting workshops powered by German machinery has surpassed industry standards for sound insulation and noise reduction.Welding process include online punching, making Chery the first among Chinese brands to apply the technology. Automaton in Chery’s Assembly workshop increased flexibility and enhanced detection precision. While automation rate across Chery’s fourworkshops is high thanks to its active implementation of intelligent manufacturing, the Chinese automaker considers smart human resources management as indispensable part of its operation methodology.

In its 3rd general assembly workshop for example, Chery confers particular tasks to employees who are referred to as “skill-masters”. Through long-term training on production technology, these workers have developed the necessary analytical and manual skills required to resolve production line problems quickly and efficiently. Unlike engineers, Chery’s training programs has skill-masters to promptly detect the vehicle issues and quickly work out solutions relying on years of experience and exceptional analytical ability. 

Chery’s respect for talented people has been rewarded by their loyalty and arduous efforts. After these outstanding workers with exceptional skills become skill-masters, they would feel greater responsibility on their shoulders. They not only work harder at their respective positions but also help train other workers and newly-recruited employees as well. Besides, they never stop making progress in pursuit of new and innovative learning at all times. A sound training system should not only ensure people freely present their most vital views but also empower them positively to make progress. 

In addition to regular training programs, Chery has started to hold Global Manufacturing Skills Competition since 2015. Exceptional workers from Chery’s Factories worldwide compete in the event, thus promoting direct and benign competition and technical exchanges among the very best  of Chery workers. In this way, it creates an atmosphere of cherishing the best-performing workers and technologies in Chery, and at the same time promoting harmony among them. A visit to Chery Factories demonstrates the capabilities of a sound people-management-system. This aspect constitutes the core competitiveness and sheer brilliance of Chery in auto-making, adding a completely new dimension to the phrase “Made in China”.

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