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Celebrate Mothers and Motherhood with These songs on HUAWEI Music

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 18 March 2021: In honour of #MothersDay, celebrated in the Middle East on 21 st March, HUAWEI Music, the advertisements-free platform is celebrating the glorious yearly event with a free-to-stream playlist available on all Huawei devices.

Mothers play a fundamental role in our lives, yet, when it comes time to expressing how much we appreciate and love them, the right words escape us. Featuring the work of leading Middle Eastern singers and composers, HUAWEI Music has created an emotion-evoking playlist of artists who have found a way to tell our moms what meaning they hold in our lives and hearts.

While, there are many ways to express your love and gratitude on Mother’s Day, what better way to tell her than with song and music. Let the power of lyrics, melody and rhythms of soulful ballads and happy tunes lift her up and sway her like she always does with you. If you can’t find the right words to show how much you love your mama, these lyrics will help. From bubbly tunes to soulful ballads, and everything in between, serenade the person who knows you best!

‘Betzakkar Ya Emmi’ by Ragheb Alama: Ragheb Alama, renowned Lebanese artist, TV personality, and philanthropist, released ‘Betzakkar Ya Emmi’ to commemorate his late mother. The lyrics capture memories of his mother from when he was younger. Listen here.

‘Oummi l’habiba’ by Fairuz: Nouhad Wadie’ Haddad, better known as Fairuz, describes her mother as ‘a breath of blossoms’ in ‘Oummi l’habiba’. The song is packed with emotions, capturing the purity of the love between mother and daughter. Listen here.

‘Set El-Habayeb’ by Fayza Ahmed: ‘Set El-Habayeb’ has made its mark as the Arab world’s unofficial anthem for Mother’s Day. The late Egyptian singer first sang the iconic ‘Set El-Habayeb’ in 1959, and since then, the song has become an evergreen hit with Arab mothers, families, and women. Listen here.

‘Bahebek Ya Omy’ by Shireen Abdul Wahab: Egyptian singer Shireen is best known for her sparkling personality, and this song expresses her feelings of gratitude to her mother. The lyrics particularly highlight a joyous message of love and appreciation. Listen here.

‘Inty Ummy’ by Miami: The Kuwaiti band, Miam,i was formed in the early 90’s, and consists of four musicians who went on to revolutionise the Khaleeji music scene. This song captures the band members’ love of their mothers, and expresses appreciation. Listen here.

‘Hodny Omy’ by Fadel Chaker and Angham: Lebanese crooners Fadel Chaker and Egyptian artist Angham collaborated on ‘Hodny Omy’, an appreciation of mothers, and a celebration of their selflessness and sacrifices. Listen here.

’Ommi fi Kom’ by Hussain Al Jassmi: Released in 2013, ‘Ommi fi Kom’ is one of Hussain’s most popular songs. This Emirati artist is widely known for his powerful lyrics and tunes, and ‘Ommi fi Kom’, is a message of thankfulness to mothers everywhere. Listen here.

‘Aghla Hadiya’ by Rashid Al Majed: ‘Aghla Hadiya’, performed by the prominent Bahraini-Saudi artist Rashid Al Majed, highlights the beauty of motherhood and celebrates a mother’s worth. Released in 2010, ‘Agthla Hadiya frequently tops the Mother’s Day playlist charts. Listen here.

‘Abi Ommi’ by Ahlam Al Shamsi: Ahlam is a leading Emirati artist, who was
crowned ‘Queen of the Arab Arts’ at the Qatar festival in 2003. Abi Ommi’s lyrics carries a special message to mothers, and expresses awe at the magic they personify. Listen here

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