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Abdul Aziz International School continues to offer top-quality education with its exclusive E-learning solution

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The last school year has been very different to others as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Students had to adapt to a new online educational experience which introduced its own set of challenges. At Abdul Aziz International School (AIS), Managed by SABIS®, the sudden shift to online learning was seamless as they were ready to support their students and make the process as easy as possible through the use of their well-established SABIS® Digital Platform (SDP).
Every morning, students and parents are able to log in to the SDP from their tablets or computers at home to check their daily and weekly plans, detailed schedules, and download any assigned material. In their daily routine, they attend classes as scheduled, which include core subjects like English, math, science, history, as well as art, music, and even P.E. Some courses have been pre-recorded by their teachers and uploaded on to the SDP, and some are given in a “virtual classroom” environment in real time. Virtual classes are also recorded and uploaded on to the SDP, which students can access to watch again should they need to.
Other online learning resources available to AIS students while studying online are the SABIS® Course Practice and On-Demand Tutoring Videos. The SABIS® Course Practice program, which allows students to attend full courses, as well as take end-of-unit quizzes, to learn and test their understanding. For additional support, they can find SABIS® On-Demand Tutoring video series on the SDP, which is a set of teaching videos explaining a variety of academic concepts, which are narrated by students themselves and vetted by the SABIS® Academic Development Department.
To ensure that the learning is in fact taking place, students have assigned homework and continue to take regular assessments to test their understanding. While students are working, teachers receive data on their progress and performance, are able to follow-up with their students accordingly, and provide them with the support they need. In some cases, this support was provided through online peer-tutoring sessions led by other students.

Another valuable technology used by AIS students learning on campus or online are their SABIS® E-books, a digitized version of their print books that are brought to life through added features and multimedia content. Through their tablets, students can easily download their E-books and benefit from a wide range of user-friendly educational tools specifically designed to create a seamless learning experience. Available multimedia features on E-books include images, videos and animations, and audio files to enhance the

learning. Other noteworthy features include interactive computer-correctable practice questions; embedded definitions of a word with audio pronunciation; drawing and highlighting tools; and the option to add notes. SABIS® E-books efficiently streamline the subject knowledge transfer to each student through a modern, user-friendly, and interactive educational experience.

Learning is no longer limited to classroom walls! Through its range of E-learning solutions SABIS® is transforming traditional learning and providing a fully interactive and engaging experience, ensuring SABIS® students around the world continue their education with confidence.

For more information about Abdul Aziz International School or to book a visit to the schools kindly check the below websites or call us directly.

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